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“St Barth” for the intimates, is located Latitude 15°55 North and Longitude 62°50 West, just above the tropic of Cancer in the extreme north east of the Caribbean Sea.

It is 6 000 Km (3 750 Miles) from Paris, 2 500 Km (1 550 Miles) from New York and 180 Km (100 Miles) from Puerto Rico. It is situated between the islands of St Martin and St Kitts and Nevis in the South West. And the islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the South East. The island is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in the north of the West indies.

The island has preserved the charm of its wilderness, and its precious environment.

The climate is a tropical marine type. It rains frequently but for a short time. The average temperature varies from 22°C in winter to 30° in summer, allowing an incomparable quality of life. One can bathe all year round in clear water which is never less than 25°C.

Discover or rediscover St Barth’s nature, fauna, flora, history… It has so much to tell! Alone, in family, with friends, for your wedding, on your honeymoon. Come to visitu us, you will return!


Happy From St Barth

St Barth has its own “Happy” video clip. From the famous singer Pharrell Williams, the producer Tony Duarte was able to capture the pure energy and “joie de vivre” of St Barth.











Beaches and Activities

Come and enjoy St Barth’s 22 splendid beaches on which it is so good to lay down and relax! Activities are all around the tiny island!

St Barth is also known for offering a gastronomical diversity for the gourmets, best shop tax free, great bars with delicious cocktails and wine.

Check out our Concierge page for more infos about activities!


Practical informations & Formalities

The island is accessible by plane, boat and helicopter.

By plane and helicopter, the trip takes about 10 minutes from St Martin and 1 hour from Guadeloupe or Puerto Rico.

By boat, it will take you between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes from St Martin to get to St Barth.

The landing in St Barth is spectacular but remains one of the safest in the caribbean. Indeed, a special permit is required to pilots to land here.

All travelers must have a valid passport, expiring within three months from the date of entry on Saint Barthélemy. Some visitors will also need a special french visa that must be issued by the french embassy before the trip (* Please confirm the formalities required with the French Consulate depending on your situation). No vaccination is required. Regarding animals, it is necessary to have an up-to-date certificate of rabies vaccination and a health certificate dating back less thant 5 days. Animals belonging to French tourists must also be tatooed or microchipped.

Some practical notions:

⇒ Euro € is the common currency on the island, like France and the Euro Zone of the European Union. Dollars $ are however widely accepted everywhere.

⇒ Electricity is 220 volts, 60 Hz. It is good to have 220/110 transformers and converters plugs for foreign equipment.

⇒ St Barthélemy benefits from a first aid hospital, a self-dialysis unit, dentists, specialists (physioterapists, osteopaths), an analysis laboratory and radiology center.

⇒ To send mail from St Barth, the main post office is located in Gustavia, but 2 secondary stations are also operational. Private companies (DHL, FedEx, UPS) are also available.

⇒ Although it is drinkable, we advise you to always drink bottled water.

⇒ Given the size of the planes landing on the St Jean runway, not all luggage arrives at the same time as their passengers (Except for private charter). We recommend that you travel with a cabin suitcase that combines your essentials such as your swimsuit, sunglasses and beach pareo.


Most important events of the season

Classic music festival

Every year, between January 8th to 22nd, classic music and jazz concerts are organized in Gustavia and Lorient churches with famous international artists.


The famous parade with costumes, open to everyone, in the streets of Gustavia, every year on February.

The Bucket Regatta

Every year on March, there are 4 days of Regatta around the island, with the most beautiful and prestigious sailing boat of the world. Check the official website about the Bucket Regatta HERE.

Les Voiles de St Barth

A festive and tropical atmosphere around beautiful sailing boats, for 6 days of regatta, every year, beginning of April. To knows everything about Les Voiles, click HERE.

Music Day

Every June 21st, the island celebrate music with a different atmosphere in each bar, as well as a concert on the Gustavia Harbour.

Music Festivals

On July and August, several music festivals offer a few weeks of concert and live music in the restaurants and bars of St Barth.

Bastille Day

The 14th of July, a fireworks display celebrates the taking of the Bastille every year.


On July and August, every districts of the island organizes a party where kids and grown-ups can have fun, play sports and enjoy a friendly time.

St Barth Gourmet Festival

International cooking festival usually in November. Each restaurant hosts a great chef and offers a special menu to enjoy wonderful dishes.

Christmas Village

Animations and Christmas market on the General de Gaulle Dock.

New Year’s Eve

Evenings in the best restaurants and clubs of the island. Yacht horn in Gustavia and Fireworks.


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